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Real Broderick, Please Stand Up

After a local television news outlet confused journalist Broderick Perkins with a dead actor, the Deadline Newsroom set out to set the record straight -- for about the zillionth time -- because getting it right is supposed to be the hallmark of journalism. And it's the kind of drivel that's just perfect for a blog.

by Broderick Perkins
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Deadline Newsroom - Deemed a "real estate expert," journalist Broderick Perkins, founder and owner of DeadlineNews.Com, was recently interviewed by an NBC11-Silicon Valley reporter working up a story about local housing market conditions.

When the interview aired, Perkins enjoyed a plug for his "News that really hits home" DeadlineNews Group real estate news service, about five seconds of fame, and the publicly televised horror of once again being named "Broderick Crawford!"

"Broderick Perkins" isn't a household name, but given previous cases of mistaken identity, here's a little something to keep the media's record straight.

First, the guy in the photo above is not Broderick Crawford. Obviously, you can't always believe what you see on TV.

And the guy below holding what suspiciously looks like a fatty? He's not Broderick Perkins. No resemblance, except his first name.

Born William Broderick Crawford, without a "Perkins" anywhere in his name, Crawford moved his middle name to first place and dropped the Hollywood-unfriendly "William."

Crawford was an Oscar-winning actor, but best known for his role as a crusty, but benign cop on the road in the unforgettable (much to Perkins' long lasting chagrin) TV series "Highway Patrol." It was always announced as "Broderick Crawford and The Highway Patrol." Crawford's been dead since 1986. Probably of lung cancer. Perkins is still around. For now. So enjoy him.

Trivia: This is no excuse for getting it wrong, but the real Broderick Perkins was actually named after Crawford (his middle name, which became his first name), because Perkins' mom was an avid early TV series fan, as were many of her generation. The real Broderick Perkins did some summer stock in Williamsport, PA; performed scenes in federal pens (not as a con); and performed in college theater, all of little note, but the work did help give him skin thick enough to deal with years of persistent moniker mistakes -- like the most recent one on affiliate network news television. Or maybe not.

"Aren't those guys supposed to check their facts? Derrrrrrrrrrr!" said the real Perkins.

Next, this slugger is also not Broderick Perkins.

Born Broderick Phillip Perkins, he retained his middle name without moving it around. He was a top rookie Major League Baseball player, first for the San Diego Padres, but stopped playing in 1984. The real Broderick Perkins couldn't hit a baseball with the side of a barn, but he does have all of BPP's baseball cards, thanks to fans (of baseball and hack writing), practical jokers and others who, well, think all Brodericks look alike.

The real Broderick Perkins has a signature just as bad as the ball player, and can only hope that the Broderick Perkins with the middle name Phillip gets as many cases of mistaken identity as he does.

Okay? So this(below) is your real Broderick Perkins. There are two photos of him, as featured on TV, one at the top of this story and one below, so you know.

Better looking than both those other Brodericks, Broderick Perkins is the real estate writer, realty news expert and winner of many journalism awards (not as shiny as Oscars) including a team effort Pulitzer Prize for General News Reporting granted to the Mercury News' coverage of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. Perkins covered housing as part of the team effort.

Try to remember. He's a newsman, not an actor, not a baseball player.

The story here is "Get your Brodericks straight." We Brodericks all have an uncommon given name, but other memorable characteristics. Don't confuse us. We caught enough hell as kids. Each Broderick is unique and special in his (We've yet to find a female "Broderick") own right, probably because of his name.

By the way, "Broderick" is an Old Welsh, Old English name meaning famous power, son of the famous ruler, from the broad ridge (a seat of power) and son of Roderick (Broderick Perkins is also often mistakenly short changed and called "Roderick" mostly because of someone who just doesn't pay attention.)

Don't mess with the power of the Broderick.

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