Saturday, September 29, 2007

Open House In The Deadline Newsroom

Welcome to the Deadline Newsroom (DNR), journalism's ground zero for news that really hits home! If don't have our content, you don't get it and neither do your clients.

DNR takes you inside the operations of DeadlineNews.Com (DLN), a residential real estate news and analysis operation based in Silicon Valley, CA.

DLN is a bootstrap media outlet covering local, regional and national residential real estate news and offers related consulting services.

It, quite simply, offers news that really hits home.

Here inside DNR, you'll find select DLN content, analysis, and other editorial efforts all open for commentary -- either brickbats or bouquets. You decide.

You'll also get inside the head of the publisher of both operations, Broderick Perkins,, a journalist for 30 years, who has earned numerous awards for all facets of consumer journalist from child seat belts, nutrition and information technology to small business, mortgage finance and real estate.

Most notably, Perkins covered an earthquake's impact on housing as part of the San Jose Mercury News team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 1989 for its coverage of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. He also earned a top award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors for his coverage of private mortgage insurance.

Perkins, who recently served as chief adviser for "Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home" (Nolo, $24.99), is also a pioneer in electronic journalism.

After he helped the Mercury News develop a new and expanded Real Estate section, with consumers as the central focus, he was instrumental in moving that section online. When America Online was the king of Internet service providers, Perkins was the first real estate writer to manage a daily newspaper-based online real estate news section, with the Mercury News, the first daily newspaper to venture online in December of 1994.

Perkins was also the first daily newspaper journalist to move a digital news feature (a realty industry supported Q&A bulletin board "Speaking of Real Estate") offline, to the newspaper's print edition. The landmark effort was, at the time, opposite the trend to move the news from print to the digital newspaper.

He also served as a consultant to the former Knight Ridder chain's "Digital Cities" effort, itself a pioneering move to put real estate news and services online.

He continues his you-can't-get-it-anywhere-else leadership in real estate content publishing with special coverage of ongoing issues including:
"Post Boom Survival Guide" for a boom-gone-bust world.
"FACT Act Amends Fair Credit Laws" keeps tabs on credit and privacy rights.
"Global Warming Hits Home" analyzes the impact of climate change on communities, lifestyles and housing.

Learn more about his mission in "From The Broadsheet To Cyberspace."

The hardest working journalist in the real estate news business, Perkins continues in the tradition of the daily news reporter with at least one deadline a day, but he also has a firm grasp on the future of digital publishing.

The Deadline Newsroom is his latest example.

So go ahead, opine away. Link to us. Give us a shout out.

But beware and stay aware: All materials written by DeadlineNews.Com are protected, as intellectual property, by federal copyright law.

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Broderick Perkins, an award-winning consumer journalist of 30 years, is publisher and executive editor of San Jose, CA-based DeadlineNews.Com, a real estate news and consulting service, and the new Deadline Newsroom, DeadlineNews.Com's new backshop. In both cases, it's where all the news really hits home.

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