Thursday, August 14, 2008

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The DeadlineNews Group provides editorial content for, the nation's original legal self-help consumer information source since 1971.

SAN JOSE, CA - The DeadlineNews Group has beefed up its residential real estate news feed to

"Since 1971, Nolo's goal has been simple: To make America's legal system accessible to everyone. With hundreds of top quality, plain-English legal products, we've helped make that happen. Every year, over 10 million people turn to Nolo to save billions of dollars. Thank you for your support. - Ralph Warner, co-founder"

DeadlineNews Group's content feed to is its hallmark, "News that really hits home."™

The DeadlineNews Group includes the website, DeadlineNews.Com, offering real estate editorial content and related consulting services, and its back shop, the Deadline Newsroom, an open house for news that really hits home.

The DeadlineNews Group is owned and operated by Broderick Perkins, a San Jose, CA-based journalist for 30 years who parlayed a career in old-school journalism into the contemporary digital news service.

Before establishing the DeadlineNews Group, Perkins worked for 15 years as a daily journalist, primarily covering real estate, at the San Jose Mercury News. He began his career at the Gannett-owned News Journal Papers in his Wilmington, DE hometown.

Perkins covered housing as a member of the San Jose Mercury News reporting team that earned a General News Reporting Pulitzer Prize in 1989 for coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake, among many other consumer journalism awards.

Perkins has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Realty, and more than three dozen additional publications on- and off-line.

DeadlineNews Group's recent content includes:
Pros, Cons of Buying Foreclosures
Selling In A Down Market

Perkins has also served as a consultant for

"Special thanks to Broderick Perkins, a real estate journalist based in San Jose, CA, and founder and Executive Editor of DeadlineNews.Com,
who reviewed and contributed to every chapter."

-- "Nolo's Essential Guide To Buying Your First Home" (Nolo $24.99)

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Broderick Perkins, an award-winning consumer journalist of 30 years, is publisher and executive editor of San Jose, CA-based DeadlineNews.Com, a real estate news and consulting service, and the new Deadline Newsroom, DeadlineNews.Com's new backshop. In both cases, it's where all the news really hits home™.

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