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Blue Water View Penthouse Review

The Blue Water View Penthouse in Monterey, CA is a an urban crow's nest of a vacation home getaway, just a stone's throw from Cannery Row attractions.

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by Broderick Perkins
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Deadline Newsroom - The Blue Water View Penthouse in Monterey, CA is a an urban crow's nest of a vacation home getaway, just a stone's throw from Cannery Row attractions.

I selected this accommodation for my 10-year-old daughter and me to use as a crash pad after a short drive from San Jose, CA to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other local attractions. We stayed four nights from Wednesday to Sunday just after the July 4th holiday in 2008.

For me, the stay turned out to be much, much more than I expected because the Penthouse itself turned out to be an attraction.

Not only is it the best-priced vacation home stay listed in the area on the Web site, the photos for the Penthouse's listing belies the venue's true view.

While the photos show a nice patch of the Monterey Bay in the distance, what you really get from this third floor perch (inside from the main living area and outside from a small, but throne-like balcony) is closer to a 180-degree panoramic view to-die-for of the Monterey Bay.

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Think views of whales migrating, sailboats passing, and negative ions (that's a positive thing) from an urban setting.

It was remarkable. At the risk of losing my shot at a stay here next Independence Day, I must say, I can only imagine what it must be like on the 4th of July with fireworks in the night sky.

In all fairness, you really do need a fisheye lens to capture the true bird's eye view from this vacation stay. I just can't say enough about how this place gives you the feeling of "being above it all."

I live in a loft and I was quite impressed. The view alone will make it tough for you to leave for forays down into Cannery Row and other nearby attractions.

If you ever wanted to go to beach front town just to be there and not necessarily do the tourist thing, this is the place you want to have for sleeping in, hanging out and doing nothing. It can easily be a romantic getaway for two, a family or friends bonding space for up to four really-close family members or friends or ample solace for the individual traveler.

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When we arrived, my precocious 10-year-old immediately found the pocket door behind the day bed in the studio's main living area. The door opened to a walk in closet so large you could park a Mini Cooper. I was unpacking when she opened the door and giggled at my surprise to see her head poking through. Hop on the day bed and jump into the parking closet. A loft-dweller, she immediately felt at home and said so. So did I.

The Penthouse's kitchen doesn't have a stove but the metro fridge, cook top, coffee maker, and microwave are sufficient for travelers who want to choose what to eat and when to eat in. For eating out, consider the Trailside Cafe, down on Wave St. for its all-day menu and as a better alternative to Cannery Row's more touristy fare.

We were also at home with the dual vanity bath, large tub and curtained shower and the ever-present walls-of-windows. Windows are everywhere. Perhaps the only drawback were that the windows in the bath and the sliding door in the main living area, which offer plenty of natural cooling ventilation, were not screened. Bugs and buzzing insects are rare, but screens would have made them non-existent inside.

The Penthouse comes with it's own fitness program. Stay for a week and walk everywhere and it's easy to lose pounds. At the property, you have to walk up and down 2.25 (the mid flight is really only several steps) flights of stairs and there are a couple of steep blocks coming back from Cannery Row, six blocks away. Of course, you can always drive to city lots or use metered parking on the street both a block or two above Cannery Row.

Everything is a convenient few-minutes-away from the Penthouse whether you walk, bike or drive to destinations or walk, bike or drive to the free historic trolleys to take you to destinations away from Cannery Row like Monterey State Beach and Fisherman's Wharf.

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Hoffman Park, a small quarter-block, grassy-patch of a city-park for families, less than a half block away, is visible from the front door.

The Penthouse is the top unit of a multi-family housing property with long-term tenants on the second and first floors. It's also in an urban grid setting so expect the normal undisciplined barking dog chorus during the morning and after work commute, but it is off the beaten track of major traffic thoroughfares. Nights are quiet except for the sea lions barking and gulls talking in the distance.

Finally, I'm a journalist and I ask a lot of questions. My many questions never put off this property's owner (or at least she never let on) who was as patient as anyone can be with a news hack taking a vacation.

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