Friday, April 4, 2008

Deadline Newsroom Update 4/4/08

Deadline Newsroom Update - March found California at a crossroads, along with the rest of the economy; Echo Boomers stepped up; lenders who once wanted to sell homes were wishing they could step back; sustainable solar, lighting and green lifestyles got more entrenched; the economy stagnated, braced for recession and homeowners discovered there's lots to do around the house -- other than spend money, but including actually saving money; another housing portal opened up with Google-like search tools; taxes became more certain than death and credit and mortgage markets remained moribund. Hope, as always, sprang eternal.

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When Will Housing Recover?
An ongoing Deadline Newsroom Poll "When Will Housing Recover," found 35 percent (the largest group) betting it will recover sometime after 2010; 25 percent believe 2010 will see the housing market turnaround; 24 percent say 2009 will usher in the beginning of the end of the housing slump and 15 percent remain under the impression 2008 will find a cure for the housing hangover (they must not be reading DeadlineNews.Com).

Home Prices May Not Rebound Until 2010
Yeah, that's what we said.

Top Story: 12 Tax Breaks, On The House (The Original)

Market News

California Cold To 'Jumbo Conforming' Loans

California Prices Hit Hard, Sales Leveling

No Recession (Forecast) For CA, Nation

Word On The Street: Housing Market Grim

Homeowner Bailout Time?

Echo Boomers Rock

Karma: My Name Is REO

Consumer News

'Top Ten Things To Look For In A Realtor'

Give Green Lighting A Go

Solar Sizzles In San Jose

Cultivating A Green Lifestyle At Home

Location Dictates Maintenance Chores

Wringing Out: Inspections After Floods

Painting Your House

Indoor Air Quality Management At Home

DotHomes Is In The House

Selling Strategies To Ease The Squeeze

Seconds Anyone?

Spiff Up Vacation Rentals

Finance News

No Place Like Home For Saving Money

California Cold To 'Jumbo Conforming' Loans

Seller Financing Coming Around Again

12 Tax Breaks On The House

Fed Cuts Deep On Blue Tuesday

Counselors: Lenders Foreclose Rather Than Modify

Real Estate Investment Basics

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News From Elsewhere...It Also Hits Home

Rookie Mistakes Pitfalls of the First Purchase
Governor Kroszner: Protecting Homeowners, Homeownership
'House Stealing' Scam Combines Identity Theft, Mortgage Fraud

Finance, Credit
Fannie Mae: 580 Credit Score Or Better Or Fugedaboudit
FHA Loans Grow Costly as Banks Add Fees
Mortgage Market Synopsis
Federal Reserve Pumps In Another $50 Billion
Why Mortgage Rates Aren't Lower

Markets (Who was it said the market would turn around in 2008?)
Where Will Housing Market Go Next?
What's It Worth? Housing Outlook 2008
Bush Administration's Sweeping Plan To Overhaul Financial Regulation
Home Price Rebound Two Years Off?
Texas Is the Hot Place to Live
NAR Optimists Drubbed by their Own Dismal Data
Home Prices Off Peak By More Than 15 Percent
New Home Sales Worst Since 1995
Condo Glut To Worsen

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Lots Of Uncertainty Developing In The Market For New Homes
Like We Said: Maybe The Media Didn't Report Enough
Oregon's Property Rights Debate, Lesson
Venice Plans For Sea Level Rise
Water World...After The Ocean's Rise

Business/Commercial Real Estate
Nada this month.

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