Monday, March 3, 2008

Deadline Newsroom Update 2/29/08

Deadline Newsroom Update -- Like we say, all the news that really hits home and this week you really need these hits: Tax breaks, on the house; Karma: My Name Is REO; Selling strategies you may have overlooked; Indoor air quality; Equity sharing; Foreclosure bussing; More 'Hope Now'; Luxury housing booming on; Marin County hasn't quite gone to The Birds; Architect choosing tips and more.

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Top Story: Dozen Tax Breaks, On The House (The Original)

Just as important: Banking Karma: California Foreclosures Outpace Sales

Market News

Time For A Major Homeowner Bailout?

Echo Boomers Invade West, Urban Cores

Update 2008: Marin County, CA

Consumer News

Selling Strategies To Ease The Squeeze

Get On The Bus, Take The 'F' Line

Indoor Air Quality Management At Home

Blueprint For Choosing The Right Architect

Second Home Front

Luxury Housing Booms On

Finance News

Ins, Outs Of Equity Sharing

Mortgage 'Lifeline' For More 'Hope Now'

© 2008 DeadlineNews.Com

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Will Bargain Hunters Lift Spring Market
23 Million TV Sets May Go Dark In DTV Switchover
Pitching Boomers Housing That Is Green As Their Hair Goes Gray
The Real Price Of Going Green With Your House

Finance, Credit
Mortgages: 40 Is The New 30
Bush To Mortgage Relief Bill...Who Voted For This Guy?
1031 Tax Exchanges To Apply To Variety of Second Homes
One In 10 Home Loans Under Water
FHASecure Helps 100,000 Americans Stay In Their Homes
Treasury Secretary Dismisses Mortgage Rescue Plans
U.S. Mortgage Rates Erase Three Months Of Declines
Fewer Consumers Get Mortgage
Urban Forelcosures Up
Fannie Mae Combats Appraisal Fraud

MARKETS (Who said the market would turn around in 2008?)
This House Was A Steal
Rural Iowa's Foreclosure Problems
Subprime Ghost Town
Bets Off In All But 5 of 61 Vegas ZIP Codes
How Bad Is It, Really?
Case Shiller Reveals Across-the-Board Housing Market Declines
Declining Home Prices, Rising Mortgage Rates

DeadlineNews.Com: 'Best Repurposing Of A Realty Journalist'
"Fun, credible, astute and up to date."

Mortgage Crisis A '50-state Katrina'
Credit Panic
NAHB Condemns Domestic Terrorism Near Seattle
So Many Empty Homes, So Few Solultions
Investment Firms Buying Mortgages

Fannie, Freddie To New York: No More Loaded Appraisals
Why Don't Realtors Use Better Photos?
Fed Wants Report On Loan Modifications
Banks To Provide Data On Mortgages
Foreclosure Bus Tours Deemed 'Negative News'
Christ Almighty! Wasn't the whole idea to get marketing publicity? What do real estate people WANT?

DeadlineNews.Com's Editorial Content Is Intellectual Property - Unauthorized Use Is A Federal Crime

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