Friday, February 15, 2008

Deadline Newsroom Update 2/15/08

Deadline Newsroom Update (Formerly the "Feed") -- California's rejiggered home price forecast is the top news of 2008 so far, but there's much, much more. Take the deal you can get on condos as a second home; house lust; the need for MORE real estate coverage in the media, not LESS! (consumers, sold a diet of trade journal news, apparently are really, really confused about what's really happening in the housing market); a record homeownership rate plunge; trouble in second home markets; and just tons of help for real estate consumers in the mortage morass category. It's all here from the ONLY media outlet where you get ALL the news that REALLY hits home.

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Top Story: California and the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

Consumer News

Condos Pay Off As Second Homes

Buyers Likely Won't Pay For Improvements

Cool LEDs Get 'Green' Light

Good General Contractors Outnumber Bad

House Lust

Digital TV (DTV) One Year Away

Market News

SoCal Wildfire Recovery Update

Housing Hangover Confuses Consumers

Housing Needs MORE Coverage, Not Less

Record Homeownership Rate Plunge

Realty Auction Action

Viva, Viva Las Vegas

Hawaiian Vacation Home Squeeze

Silicon Valley Buyers Could Strike Gold

Seconds Anyone?

Aspen's Vacation Home Alarm

Second Home Security

Hawaii Vacation Home Squeeze Expands

Finance News

Stopping ID Theft, Cold

Flushing Out Financial Funk

Use Home Equity Protection

Beginners Guide To Mortgage Shopping

Bankruptcy's Early Warning Signs

Home Equity Loan Meltdown

Subprime Borrowers Get Hope...Now

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The Candidates And The Subprime Mess
Boomers Drive Timber-Framed Market
Sellers See Home Prices Fall Below Mortgage

Finance, Credit
Banks Freezing Credit Lines
" target="_blank">Foreclosures To Double
Revenge Of The Liar Loans
Zero-Downs Out
Foreclosure Fallout Spreads To Muni Bonds
States: Foreclosures Up Next Year

MARKETS (DOWN, DOwn, Down, down...)
Examing The Forecasts
Wear And Tear In Utah
Appreciating Markets
Morgan Hill, CA Update
Sunnyvale, CA Update
Manhattan Hits A Wall
Lower Hudson Valley Murky
Sarasota, FL Worse In The '30s
Can Feds Save Orange County
Lake Properties In Monticello, IN
Salem, OR Dodges Bullet
DeadlineNews.Com: 'Best Repurposing Of A Realty Journalist'
"Fun, credible, astute and up to date."

Bankruptcy Law Adjustments To Have Little Impact

Despite Housing Slide, Real Estate Sites Sell
How To Prosper With Housing Hangover

DeadlineNews.Com's Editorial Content Is Intellectual Property - Unauthorized Use Is A Federal Crime

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