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Deadline Newsroom Feed 1/11/08

Will 2008 end the housing bust? Vacation rentals get boost from weak U.S. dollar, Google listings. Idahoans worship the ground they live on. Buyers cheer reverse migration. Free pictorial listings for "Fantasy Homes"

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And now, back to the show.


National Housing Bust: Four More Quarters
Nationwide, 2008 is the last year of doom and gloom, according to one major forecaster.

California New Home Rebound Forecast
Building hits bottom by second half of 2007.

Foreign Travel To Boost 2008 Vacation Home Market
Foreigners cashing in on the weak U.S. dollar to buy homes in America are also expected to boost the nation's 2008 vacation home rental market.

Vacation Rentals Get Free Google Listing
Like Craig's List it's free, but Goggle Base offers much more of the polished pizzazz you typically associate with professional online vacation rental listing Web sites.

Reverse Migration Favoring Buyers
A reverse migration shift is taking the pricing pressure off some markets and that could give more buyers an incentive to get off the fence. Here's how to cash in on the shift.

Idahoans' Faith Boosts Home Values
Call it the "Temple Effect". If you build them, they will come looking for homes.

Know How Long Your Home Will Last?
Knowledge of components' life expectancies is what homeowner associations use, in part, to build a reserve fund designed to spread, over time, the cost of the inevitable.

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News from elsewhere...


What Buyers Want
So give them what they want.

New Silicon Valley Loan Plans
Hoping to reduce the high cost of home ownership for first-time buyers in Silicon Valley, the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County on Wednesday announced two new loan programs for low- and moderate-income residents.

Owning vs. Renting: Miles Apart
U.S. house prices "likely would have to fall considerably" to return to
a normal relationship with rents, says a study by one former and two
current Federal Reserve economists.


With Millions Of Cheated US Homeowners, Americas Watchdog Demands Banks and Mortgage Bankers Dislose The Yield Spread Premium Kick Back On All US Mortgages
The story is as intense as the title.

Credit Crunch Big 2008 Spoiler
Just last summer, analysts were predicting the subprime mortgage mess had been "contained," big bank CEOs were "dancing" over the liquidity flowing in credit markets and private-equity titans yearned in Soprano-like fashion to "kill off" the competition.


NAR: Market Likely Stabilizing
]This is what really pisses consumers off and then guess who gets the blame? The media for reporting that NAR went out on a limb and was wrong.

Coping With Another Down Year
Most economists caution that their real estate forecasts for this year stand on shaky ground. No kidding. This story does offer coping tips for consumers. Hang in there.

Let's Hope The Optimists Are Right
The trouble with trying to find and publish all the "good news"? Reporting reality suffers. The housing market is in the tank. Deal with it and move on.

Grubb & Ellis Forecasts Fewer Real Estate Deals in 2008
Specifically, Grubb & Ellis forecasts that the multi-housing market will remain sound this year -- for investors.

DeadlineNews.Com: 'Best Repurposing Of A Realty Journalist'
"Fun, credible, astute and up to date."


Housing Slump to Continue: Fannie CEO
Bad home loans, eroding profits at a time when home prices are falling and foreclosures are spiking on high-risk mortgages.

Hub Fed Chief: Housing Prices Might Plunge
The residential real estate market is going through its worst investment period in 50 years.

Phenomenal Impact Of Mortgage Crisis
Numerous foreclosures and vacant properties mean dramatically reduced property and sales tax revenues and hence significant budgeting shortfalls.

Fed Won't Save Real Estate
...or consumers.

Reckless Debt Responsible For Real Estate Woes
The cleanup will take longer than most category 5 hurricanes.


Realtors Quitting
McMahon is one of thousands of real estate agents across the US wandering with mixed emotions and uncertain prospects through the debris of a real estate implosion.

DeadlineNews.Com's Editorial Content Is Intellectual Property - Unauthorized Use Is A Federal Crime

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