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Deadline Newsroom Feed 11/16/07

Compiled by Broderick Perkins
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(There will be no Deadline Newsroom Feed 11/23/07)

Deadline Newsroom Feed – DeadlineNews.Com offers a look at all the news that really hit home last week, as well as coverage outside the Deadline Newsroom. This week: Finding real realty news; foreclosure fallout; online privacy policy knowledge gap; buyers getting short shrift on available information; the NAR convention; more of the same market blues.

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Online 'Privacy Policies' Vastly Misunderstood
Deadline Newsroom - Online "privacy policies" at ecommerce sites are not what users think they are -- often because they don't take the time to read them.

Under-Reported Concerns Of Buyers Exposed
Deadline Newsroom - A real estate industry trade group that serves only buyers says their constituency isn't getting the straight scoop.

Finding News That Really Hits Home
Deadline Newsroom - Reducing housing market conditions to rabid rhetoric aimed at the media robs real estate consumers of their right to know.

Foreclosure Fallout Landing On Other Homes
Deadline Newsroom - Foreclosures in your neighborhood don't just cost homeowners their homes -- as if that wasn't bad enough -- they also depress nearby home values and rob the tax base for as long as two years.

Foreclosures Undercutting Social Benefits Of Homeownership
Deadline Newsroom - If it takes a village to raise a child, what happens when the village is fragmented by foreclosure?

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News from elsewhere...


Homeowner Protection Bill Passes House
Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives took bipartisan action approving legislation to stop abusive lending on home loans, targeting common practices in the subprime market that have led to massive foreclosures.

Energy Saving is Consumer Key Interest in Green Building
Surveys show that new home buyers want "green" houses to save money on energy; home builders want any green building program to be voluntary.

HOA Newsletter Gold
Homeowner association newsletters are a great way to enlighten, inform, remind and encourage. Here are some tips to make your newsletters pure gold.


Equity Continues To Grow
With the daily din of bad news about the state of the housing market, it's easy to lose sight of some larger economic realities: Despite declining prices in many markets, homeowners still control near-record equity holdings, just under $11 trillion.

The Truth About the Mortgage Meltdown
You have been reading about the mortgage meltdown and seeing daily news reports about the record number of foreclosures. Mortgage lenders and dropping like flies. Why? The answer may surprise you.

Mortgage Rates Unchanged -- From a Year Ago
The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 6.24 percent with an average 0.4 point for the week ending November 15, 2007, unchanged from last week when it averaged 6.24 percent and coming in at the same level it was this time last year.

NAREITs Urge Caution

Fallout from the credit crunch and housing market decline will make REITs more volatile over the next year or two, but they will be in a strong position going forward, according to a panel of industry experts at the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts annual convention in Las Vegas on Wednesday.


No Economic Impact? 30 Percent of Layoffs Tied To Housing
I chose to lump together recent job losses in real estate, construction, furniture, finance and lumber industries as tracked by this layoff data.

The Next Natural Step In The Evolution Of The Downturn
"In the past year, 8,100 East Bay jobs in four key industries tied directly to housing -- residential construction, specialty trades construction, real estate and credit intermediation -- have vanished."

America's Undervalued Real Estate Markets
Commercial real estate investment analysts like Los Angeles-based Marcus & Millichap are bullish about Seattle.

Realtors: Some Markets Not Feeling Down
No one attending this week's National Association of Realtors annual convention, which ends today, has been able to ignore the anxiety created by the slowest housing market in more than a decade.

NAR Slams Media, Lenders, Brokers, Self (What The..?)
Members of the National Association of Realtors were quick to blame the media and lenders for housing problems throughout the country. But many of the 30,000 people attending NAR's annual convention
this week were more reluctant to point the finger back at themselves.

Housing's Epidemic Impact
According to numerous media accounts, the foreclosure crisis is having an epidemic impact on the American economy that goes beyond homeowners losing their homes. For example, renters who've never missed a single lease payment often have to find new places to live when their multi-family buildings are foreclosed on.
More of the Same
More of the Same
More of the Same

Post Boom Survival Guide

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Will Jesse Jackson Turn the Housing Market Around?
Jesse Jackson is taking it to the streets. Now he's coordinating a march on Wall
Street, which is itself reeling from the subprime fallout.

Yun Loses His Marbles In Vegas
"In some ways, the extended real estate boom from 2001 to 2005 created unrealistic expectations that housing is a short-term high-yield investment," said NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.

Real Estate Continues to be THE Best Long-Term Investment
And housing offers important tax incentives to make owning a home more affordable.

Forgotten Solar Pioneer
Four decades ago, Harold Hay invented a way to heat and cool a home without using electricity. Why won't the world listen?

"Women Building Women:" An Idea Who's Time Has Come -- Big Time!
Columnist Wanda McPhaden reminds readers about urging women everywhere to share their financial wisdom, insight, and intuition with each other to help take financial control of their lives and their futures.

Mag Picks ‘Most Valuable Products'
Among the 32 winners in this year's Most Valuable Products competition sponsored by trade publication Building Products are nine most likely to embraced by home owners. Lew Sichelman has the straight skinny.


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