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Deadline Newsroom Feed 11/9/07

Compiled by Broderick Perkins
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Deadline Newsroom Feed – DeadlineNews.Com offers a look at all the news that really hit home last week, as well as coverage outside the Deadline Newsroom. Child ID theft; foreclosures robbing homeownership benefits; home improvement bargains; renters pinching pennies, threatening homeownership; and NIMBYs next door.


Preventing ID Thieves From Stealing Innocence
Deadline Newsroom -- Kids have become easy targets for ID thieves because of exposure offered by popular social networking sites on the Internet. In their naiveté, kids are also too often willing to give out information that can be used fraudulently.

Foreclosures Undercutting Social Benefits of Homeownership
Deadline Newsroom -- If it takes a village to raise a child, what happens when the village is fragmented by foreclosure? Fewer social services are available when more are needed.

Silicon Valley Home Improvement Bargain Alert
Deadline Newsroom -- A national trend is pointing to more homeowners sitting on the fence over home improvements and that could mean it'll get easier to drive a hard bargain and negotiate to get more work done for less.

Final 'Red Flag' Rules Set To Wave Off ID Theft
Deadline Newsroom -- Preemptive federal "red flag" regulations, designed to strike at identity theft in its earliest stages, rolls out next year.

Renters Without Insurance Risk Future Homeownership
Deadline Newsroom -- Refugees from home ownership now forced to rent could be setting themselves up for another financial disaster if they avoid renter's insurance to pinch pennies in order to quickly save up and return to home ownership.

NIMBY Profile Tough To Pigeonhole
Deadline Newsroom -- Call it a subculture, grassroots movement or a cross-section of the American politic, the myopic NIMBY movement is a force to be reckoned with.

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News from elsewhere...


How Will Subprime Housing Crisis Affect You?
Lenders extending credit for a host of things from credit cards, to home loans, to car loans, may make their lending standards more stringent and could...

A Lasting Simulated LifeDeadline Newsroom – Before there were avatars and Second Life and other sorted virtual realty realities, The Sims lived, loved and sometimes loathed in homes and communities you developed.


How Will Subprime Housing Crisis Affedt You?
Lenders extending credit for a host of things from credit cards, to home
loans, to car loans, may make their lending standards more stringent and
could .

Mortgage Meltdown: What's the President Doing?
The administration is reaching out. Columnist Ralph Roberts reports on the latest steps to help American families keep their homes.

Foreclosure Victims Should Get Help, Institute Says
Congress is focusing on regulations to end lending abuses, but a Washington group wants victims of foreclosures to be helped, too.

Bernanke Proposes New Mortgage Guarantees
These GSEs would then guarantee loans that are larger than the current $417000 limit on so-called "conforming" mortgages.

Doubling Down on Continued Weakness in Real Estate, Financials
I am not an expert on the housing and financial sectors. My focus and
expertise is within precious metals and alternative energy.


The 'Real' In Real Estate
If all the dire news about the crumbling housing market isn't sufficient evidence that the halcyon days of real estate lust are over, maybe this is.

Ten Rising-In-Value Real Estate Markets
It's not that Salt Lake City is entirely immune to the national housing downturn. In fact, new housing permits are down this year, and there is a glut.

Sound Familiar? Two Million Homes to Foreclose
Two million subprime-mortgage foreclosures are likely to occur by 2009 if home prices continue their downward spiral, a congressional report said Thursday.

US Stocks Drop on Mortgage Probe, Slumping Dollar; GM Falls
Washington Mutual Inc., the largest US savings and loan, declined the most in 20 years after New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said its home loans.

Home Starts Plunge in Houston Area
The Houston-based developer is also offering an incentive program through Countrywide Home Loans where the first six months of the mortgage are paid by the...

New York City The Golden Market?
None of the bad news about the US housing market has seemed to matter to the big spenders lining up to buy homes and apartments in New York .

Realty Bubble Closing in on Local Housing Market\
Anyone trying to find adequate housing on an average income can attest that it is difficult to do. While interest rates remain reasonable, the prices for homes often far outdistance a family’s ability to purchase.

Ten Ways To Solve The Housing Crisis
We talked with congressmen, CEOs of real estate brokerages, research directors at analytics firms, finance professors, real estate brokers, demographers and ...

DeadlineNews.Com: 'Best Repurposing Of A Realty Journalist'
"Fun, credible, astute and up to date."


Scientist: South Florida Will Be Water by End of Century
Climate change, including more destructive hurricanes and a rising sea level, but they also said the state could be a leader in reducing global warming.

'All Government Planning Is Bad'
FrontPage Magazine features this Q&A with Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O'Toole about why government planning is bad for everybody.

Why Urban Planning Should Be Abolished
Tribune-Review columnist Bill Steigerwald interviews economic Randal O'Toole about his new book, "The Best-Laid Plans: How Government Planning Harms Your Quality of Life, Your Pocketbook, and Your Future."


Harney: Appraisers Take Heat For Role In Housing Crisis
First American, a Santa Ana-based real estate information services firm with revenue of $8.5 billion last year, said Cuomo's charges are "specious" and have ...

Beginning of the End for Realtors? to Challenge the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with Free Listings.

The Holidays Are Upon Us. Is Your Housing Client, Professional orFriend On The List? St. Joseph The Home Seller kits. Clock houses. Monopoly. House warming gifts. Come 'n' get 'em.

Broderick Perkins, an award-winning consumer journalist of 30 years, is publisher and executive editor of San Jose, CA-based DeadlineNews.Com, a real estate news and consulting service, and the new Deadline Newsroom, DeadlineNews.Com's new backshop. In both cases, it's where all the news really hits home.

DeadlineNews.Com's Editorial Content Is Intellectual Property - Unauthorized Use Is A Federal Crime

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