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Deadline Newsroom Feed 10/5/07

by Broderick Perkins
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Deadline Newsroom Feed – From the previous week, all the news that really hits home from DeadlineNews.Com and elsewhere.


HUD, Red Cross To Speed Delivery Of Disaster Housing
Deadline Newsroom – A HUD-Red Cross team hopes to quickly deliver housing after the next disaster. Housing is key to the recovery efforts of residents and communities at large.

A Lasting Simulated Life
Deadline Newsroom – Before there were avatars and Second Life and other sorted virtual realty realities, The Sims lived, loved and sometimes loathed in homes and communities you developed.

Americans Voice Urgency About Global Warming
Deadline Newsroom – Americans are willing to pay to help stop global warming and they prefer to vote for candidates who support climate change because the issue really hits home.

Celebrity Neighbors Next Door
Deadline Newsroom – Homes & Land Magazine asked its readers which celebrities they wanted living next door to them. Women put men and women at the top of the list. Men? They largely chose other men. Who WERE these guys?

Sidewalks, Trees and Fences
Deadline Newsroom – When things go wrong outside your home, who is responsible?

Mortgage Bailout Promotes Dysfunctional Lending System
Deadline Newsroom -- Offering more easy money to solve what easy mortgage money has wrought will only throw good money after bad and enable a flawed, strung-out system to flourish.

Other news that hits home from elsewhere.


Second Homeowners Footing Bill For Foreclosure Victims?
Homeowners with two homes could foot bill for foreclosure victims.

Get Good Help
"The housing market has seen better days, so more than ever homeowners need to know they're dealing with a prescreened professional," said David

Housing: That Sinking Feeling
Mike Alley has gotten whacked hard by the area's declining housing market.

Essential Guide To Buying Your First Home
"Special thanks to Broderick Perkins, A real estate journalist based in San Jose, CA, and founder and Executive Editor of DeadlineNews.Com, who reviewed and contributed to every chapter." -- Nolo's Essential Guide To Buying Your First Home (Nolo $24.99)


US House Approves Debt Relief Bill
"There is surely a fairer, more thoughtful way to pay for it." Alas, it was be asking for too much to expect the knee jerk Congress to be thoughtful.

40 Percent of Mortgages For Blacks, Hispanics Deemed 'High Cost' A disproportionately large percentage of mortgages made to blacks and Hispanics last year met the government's definition of "high cost" loans, as some ethnic minorities continue to get shafted by the mortgage industry.

Make The Home Fit The Financing
If you can't find the financing to fit your home, buy a home to fit your financing.


Sullivan Group: Recovery In 2009
Analysts from Sullivan Group Real Estate Advisors, addressing homebuilders and real estate executives, said the market is not expected to start
firming up next year.

The Housing Slowdown
Home sales and prices continue to drop to new lows.

Where The Housing Market Has Stabililzed
Forbes Magazine has released a list of the most stable housing markets in America. Included in the list are Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.

Florida Real Estate: Poster Child Of Housing Crash?
I know a lot of you investor folks out there don't like Florida's fave real estate consultant Jack McCabe because he counts several hedge funds as his ...

Milkin Grim on Real Estate
The idea that any loan against real estate is a good loan has never been a rational thought.

DeadlineNews.Com: 'Best Repurposing Of A Realty Journalist'
"Fun, credible, astute and up to date."


America's First Burbs Turns 60
Levittown, Long Island held a 60th birthday bash for itself on Sept. 30, complete with parades, to celebrate its creation from a potato field for GIs returning from World War II. It would go on to become America's iconic suburb. Yabba, Dabba, Do!

Your Global Warming Bill
Global warming will hit your pocketbook hard, baby. Hard.

5 Worst Excuses To Avoid Green
Going green is a lot like losing weight. We come up with a myriad of excuses.

Re-using Better Than Recycling
It's a no-brainer.

Global Warming And The Coastside Environment
The coast is toast. Effects of global warming is understandable: we're not on the front
lines of climate change, like those living in the Arctic or on a Pacific

Candidates Finally Get Around To Climate Change
At least three presidential candidates will take part in a New Hampshire forum on global warming, an advocacy group announced today. Where are the rest of them?

Movies That Really Hit Home
An amazing number of titles put the spotlight on homes, housing and community.


Improved Land Use Will Mitigate Climate Change, Book Says
A new book published by the Urban Land Institute suggests less auto-dependent development will reduce climate change.

Realty Ills Spreading To Offices spreading to offices
Fallout from the implosion of the residential-housing market will dampen what has been a white-hot commercial real-estate market.

The Holidays Are Coming Fast. Is Your Housing Client, Professional or
Friend On The List? St. Joseph The Home Seller kits. Clock houses. Monopoly. House warming gifts. Come 'n' get 'em.

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